Security Consulting

Door and Hardware Consulting

Pinder's Security Products Contract Hardware Division is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in institutional, manufacturing, educational, healthcare and commercial facilities. Pinder's has extensive knowledge of the contract hardware field with Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) and Electrical Hardware Consultant (EHC) specializing in security door systems, electronic hardware and electronic systems fire and safety code requirements for the design and implementation of new construction projects.

  • Door Specification Preparation and Review
  • Hardware Specification Preparation and Review
  • Hardware Schedule Preparation
  • Review of Security and Fire Code Standards
  • Alarm and Security Integration with Doors and Hardware
  • Keying Systems Preparation and Design
  • Electrical Hardware Standards and Wiring Schematics Preparation
  • Project Planning and Implementation Coordination.

Integrated Electronic Systems Design

Pinder's Security Products security systems design services provides institutional, manufacturing, educational, healthcare and commercial facilities with in-depth security systems design, scalable from a single site to a multi-technology fully integrated multi-site platform. Pinder's security system designs will identify risks, assess operational requirements, configure front end management requirements, and include the following:
  • Site Review and Risk Assessment
  • Product Assessment and Design Recommendations
  • Technical Specification Preparation -- wiring and design schematics
  • System Network Specifications

Pinder's overall security design is focused on creating a safe and secure environment, and protection of facility assets.

Our security equipment capabilities include:
  • Complete System Design and Installation
  • CCTV Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intercom Systems