Traka Keys and Equipment Management

Key control is a number one security issue for any industry. Pinder's will assist your company with the best and most efficient method of controlling your day to day operations with solutions to ease your key storage and key control issues.

Pinder's provides you with the best solutions in key storage and key management:

  • Electronic key control cabinets
  • Mechanical key control cabinets
  • Retracting key reels
  • Serialized key rings.


Traka is an effective solution for the access control and traceability of valuable assets and equipment. Traka Touch makes your life easier. It gives you an intelligent 'out of the box' key management solution which operates entirely independently of your IT systems. Everything is managed via the touch screen on the front panel, from the initial administrative set up of users and keys, right through to the day to day user access.

Keyper is a global company committed to providing you with the best solutions in key storage and key management.

Key-bak is a supplier of high quality retractable key reels, carabiners, retractors and accessories.

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Master level keys when lost require the key system to be re-keyed to maintain security. The use of key tracking equipment prevents lost keys and ensures the maintenance of an effective key system program.


Key tracking equipment is only one component of Pinder's total key management program that allows you to issue, manage, control and retrieve keys to maintain integrity with your key program.