IP-Based Video Surveillance

An IP-based video surveillance is a digital camera that watches the scenes in front of it and broadcasts these video images as digitized signals over a Local Area Network (LAN) line, where they are then sent to a computer server. The computer server will then manage all of this information with a network drop to create a plug-and-play system. The software is used to manage these digital images, and the images can be displayed, recorded, or sent to practically any site or location across your network.


Genetec is a Canadian company that is a leader in IP-based security technology by incorporating the latest in networking information. Their primary focus is the development of software solutions to address three main security applications areas: IP access control, IP video surveillance, and license plate recognition.

The unified security platform -- Security Center -- blends Genetec's IP access control (Synergis), IP video surveillance (Omnicast), and IP license plate recognition (AutoVu) systems within a single innovation solution. Instead of running multiple client applications, or working with cluttered desktops you can experience a unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

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Genetec Omnicast solution is the most cost-effective, flexible, user-friendly video surveillance system that will give you many options with the ability to easily upgrade software, servers and storage capacity to ensure that your security system will not become obsolete.


Pinder's with their partner companies, Genetec, Axis and Bosch, can create an effective security design and assist with the implementation for a facility or organizational security program.

Axis Network Cameras Omnicast Motion Report SV-16 Network Security Appliance
Axis Network Cameras Omnicast Motion Report SV-16 Network Security Appliance