The design of a small or a large security system is a complex process that requires the selection of a security software manufacturer, video camera manufacturer, eSecurity technology manufacturer and electrical door hardware and standard hardware to integrate all the components required for an effective security program.

Pinder's website gives you quick access to a full range of proven manufacturers and solutions with world-class recognized organizations.

Partner Selection

As part of Pinder's one source security solution program, we have chosen partners that have world-wide recognition with proven product solution, strong emphasis on support to their dealers and end users. Trust in the security industry is built on success with our partners.

Easy Source Selection

The convergence of the security industry today starts with correct doors and door hardware selection that meets fire code and safety standards, security system software selection, security hardware that functions as an integrated platform, and video products that allow for an event-based integrated security program.

Simple clicks on Pinder's partner names will give you access to their products and solutions that covers all areas of the security industry.

Pinder's is a one source security solution for all your requirements for a safe and secure facility or environment.