One Card Credential Technology

Card-based credentials offer a solution that is easier to manage than keys. Access privileges can be easily assigned and revoked, and access privileges of a single user can be altered without impacting the entire user population. With card-based access, the threat of unauthorized keys is eliminated. In facilities that require permission for multiple systems, card-based credentials offer the potential to consolidate technologies across multiple systems, enabling users to carry one credential to achieve multiple activities. One card credentials are for applications where the ability to generate audit trails is desired, and where the ease of adding or revoking privileges is important. The cards are useful in applications where secure access is required either for high volume openings or in high user populations.


HID's physical access control solutions provide the most extensive line of powerful, versatile access control readers and credentials in the industry. Consisting of leading brands iCLASS, SmartID, HID Prox and Indala Prox, HID Global enables users to seamlessly manage multiple applications through a single credential containing diverse technologies.

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A one card program allows integration and security control though a central management system. Schools are one vertical market where you are seeing the smart card application in use. Smart cards are used worldwide as campus ID at colleges and universities, often combining access, identification and payment functions.

Uses can include:

  • Parking access
  • Academic building access
  • Dorm access
  • Library and network access
  • Bookstore purchases
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Vending machines, etc.


Pinder's with their partner company, HID Global, can create an effective security program to ensure a safe and secure environment.