Cities/Regions/Municipalities are local governments established through provincial and territorial legislation. Types of municipalities include cities, counties, districts, rural municipalities, towns, townships, and villages. Cities or regional areas have multi-site facilities that range from administration buildings, arenas, pools, libraries and many other sites that may have a unique security requirement. Centralized security control throughout multiple sites with centralized and decentralized control is essential. Developing a centralized management security system that will incorporate IP-based access control, IP-based video surveillance and alarm management is the direction many cities are following to cost-effectively protect their staff, public and assets, limit their liability, and reduce their operating expenses.


Cities,Regions/Municipalities security program incorporates the following:

  • High Security Key System
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • IP Access Control
  • Alarm Management
  • E-security Technologies
  • One Card Credential with Photo Badging Technology
  • City-Wide Video Surveillance

A seamless integration of the above security applications will assist in the development of an overall security program.


IP video surveillance and IP access control with integrated alarm management are the emerging applications offering instant conductivity linking all sites to a central management capability and allow individual control at each site. The integration of IP-based systems with the newest e-security hardware allows point-to-point access control over the network with security devices and POE (power over ethernet). A centralized security system creates an easily managed and cost-effective solution.


Pinder's with their partner companies (Medeco, Genetec, HID, Axis, Bosch, Allegion Canada, Assa Abloy and Videx) offer a one source solution for an effective security program to ensure a safe and secure environment.