Long Term Care

Long Term Care facilities offer services which help meet both medical and non-medical needs of people with chronic illness or disability and who are unable to care for themselves for long periods of time. These long term care facilities must create a safe and secure environment for their tenants, staff and guests -- an open controlled access during visiting hours, and restrictive access during all other hours to allow their tenants and staff to come and go as required, and allow easy access to individual secured rooms, while maintaining a secured environment.


Long Term Care security program incorporates the following:

  • High Security Key System
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Alarm Management
  • E-Security Technologies
  • Barrier-Free Access
  • Apartment Safes

The proper integration of the above applications allow long term care facilities to maintain a security level that will ensure a safe and secure environment for tenants, staff and guests.


Electronic-based access control and video surveillance allows the exterior of the facilities to be effectively secure and provide a record of all individuals visiting the facilities. E-security technology include secured access control for apartment door locking systems with audit capabilities that allow individual secured apartment tenants easy access with a simple fob. The combination of access control, video surveillance, and a secured locking system will ensure an overall effective security program with great selling features for the facility.


Pinder's and their partner companies (Medeco, Kaba, Cansec, Bosch and Horton) offer a one source solution for an effective security program for your facilities.