Vehicle IP-Based License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition refers to an intelligent video application's ability to recognize letters and numbers on a license plate. Police services, college and university sites have the application for the use of IP License Plate Recognition (LPR). For criminal investigation, parking lot enforcement and inventory, and also revenue control are the perfect applications presently being employed with success.


Genetec is a Canadian company that is a leader in IP-based security technology by incorporating the latest in networking information. Their primary focus is the development of software solutions to address three main security applications areas: IP access control, IP video surveillance, and IP license plate recognition. Genetec's unified security platform, the Security Center, is unlike anything you will ever experience. The security systems functionalities of license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control are merged into one easy-to-use platform.

AutoVu is the license plate recognition (LPR) system and automatically collects vehicle plates. The AutoVu LPR system is perfect for mobile wanted vehicle identification, and permit or time-limit enforcement. Mount AutoVu cameras at entrances or exits of parking facilities, at toll crossings or above highway lanes. AutoVu automatically collects license plates as vehicles drive by. No more lost tickets. No more inefficient use of personnel and no more traffic congestion. Know when a vehicle enters your property or uses your paid express lane, and collect the right fees. Use AutoVu as a stand-alone solution or merge your LPR system with access control and video surveillance for a unified security platform.

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Pinder's video system designs include specialty applications, such as license plate tracking and vehicle video systems. Integrating the systems the following benefits are achieved by police services and major institutions:

1. Law enforcement control
2. Prisoner transport vehicle control
3. Parking lot revenue control
4. Institutions on-site vehicle tracking


Pinder's with their partner companies, Genetec and Axis, have designed specialty software and cameras for the application of vehicle video and license plate tracking.