Gate Entry Systems

Industrial and institutional sites require automatic gate entry control utilizing aluminum cantilever, slide & swing gates with an access control system and video technology to properly maintain security at the plant or site facilities. Today's technology allows the integration of gate entry, access control and video surveillance to create an effective security entry program.


Pinder's solution partner, Tymetal Corp., designs and manufactures the most extensive line of perimeter security automatic gates and accessories for the commercial/industrial and the correctional markets. Security gates and electric gate operators manufactured by the Tymetal Corp. include aluminum gates, cantilever gates, slide gates, crash gates, barrier gates, steel gates, ornamental gates, high speed gate operators, detention equipment, electric gate operators, sliding gate operators, chain link gates, and vertical lift gates. Meeting the security standards for today's industrial regulations requires the plant to be completely secured and fenced. To allow for proper access an entry tracking system requires the design and implementation of an access control and video surveillance system.


Meeting the new security regulations allows industrial firms to reduce their liability and operational costs, and increase the overall plant security with effective control at their entry areas.


Pinder's one source security solution and Tymetal Corp. offer a complete integrated security platform that allows institutions and industrial firms to meet all the new regulations and increase security for their facilities.