Emergency Evacuation and Mustering

Being prepared and having emergency evacuation and mustering plans in place are essential. Mustering requires access control software that provides this feature, as the system must distinguish between employees who have not checked into the mustering point from those who are on vacation or not in the building for other reasons at that particular time. Used for specific access situations, mustering is a concept where a specific reader or readers are used to verify that individuals are in a particular place. For example, a reader might be installed outside of a chemical plant or oil refinery which employees are directed to come to in the event of an emergency and have their credential read by the system. This allows a system user to quickly generate a list of all employees who have physically reached the mustering reader, while also generating an exception report of those who have not checked in.


Genetec Inc. with their IP-based Synergis Access Control System offers high end features of People Counting, Visitor Management and very effective Custom Reporting capabilities allowing for real-time reporting of all personnel within the plant facilities and mustering locations reports during an evacuation.

Cansec Hurricane Access Control system has mustering features incorporated in their access control and reporting system allowing full report capabilities throughout the facility during evacuation.

Cansec Systems -- http://www.cansec.com/hurricane-systems
Genetec Inc. -- http://www.genetec.com/Products/Pages/synergis-overview-en.aspx


Today's IP-based security access control and video surveillance platform systems allow the development of an effective evacuation process capable of tracking everyone throughout the plant in a real-time environment.


Pinder's one source security solution, with partners Genetec and Cansec Security Systems, allow the custom development of an evacuation process utilizing access control credential tracking for an effective system.