Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provide both emergency ambulance and paramedic services. When somebody calls 911 for a medical emergency, EMS paramedics assess, treat, and transport the patient to a hospital emergency department. EMS requires their facilities to be secured at all times and maintain a secure environment for pharmaceuticals and other specialized equipment. A centralized security management program for their operating facilities and drug cabinets (located in remote locations) with audit capability is essential for EMS staff.

Security Application Solutions

A EMS security program incorporates the following:

  • Electronic Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • High Security Key System
  • Smart Key Technology

Electronic access control and video surveillance in the EMS facilities ensures a secure facility and integrated with the newest smart key technology will allow audit control on padlocked areas and drug cabinets to maintain a secure environment and protection for EMS staff.


eSecurity technologies incorporates smart key audit capabilities that can be linked through the network for central management if integrated with an IP-based access control and IP-based video surveillance. This will ensure a safe and secure environment for the EMS pharmaceuticals and equipment.


Pinder's with their partner companies -- Medeco, Videx, Kaba and Genetec can create an effective security program that is unique and allows for central management across all EMS sites.