Digital Video Recorder / Network Video Recorder

Video recorders are a hassle-free and cost effective video solution suitable for retail and commercial use. Features to look for include remote controls for ease of use, CD/DVD Rewriters and USB ports for backing up data, and new high compression formats such as H.264 allowing for the highest quality recordings for the minimum disc space. Depending on hard drive size they can store footage for a few days to a couple of months. The DVR's have built in multiplexing that allows simultaneous split screen monitoring/recording, and have the option to be networked for remote viewing and backing up. Utilizing the DVR's and NVR's as a central imaging storage management system gives the capabilities to manage your facility's cash control, employees and assets to help create a safe and secure environment.


Bosch Security -
Bosch Security -

Bosch is a leader in many technologies setting high quality standards for their products. Bosch's video technology in both cameras and video storage systems are specified by consultants and security integrators across North America. No system is too small, or too big -- 4-Channel, 8-channel, 16-channel or 32-channel with upgradable storage and user-friendly software.

Smaller systems with just a few analog cameras require only a basic recorder that is ready to use straight from the box - just plug in the cameras, add power and the DVR begins recording automatically. For other small applications, a USB flash memory card that can store days of recorded video in the camera or encoder is adequate. A PC-based DVR or NVR may be required if you need more extensive alarming and interface capabilities or integration with other systems, such as access control platforms and alarm panels.

Bosch supplies a variety of camera type technologies:
  • Day and night cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Point of sale video cameras
  • Extreme environmental cameras


Pinder's with their partner company, Bosch, will supply small to large camera technologies to create an effective security program.